25 And Counting

Businesses come and go, in particular within the industrial supply industry.

Canada is still known as an international supplier of goods, and in these challenging times, industry helps drive local economies.  Since 1995, Inland Industrial Supplies has been family-owned, and have supported local initiatives within our community.

Our promise within our industry, and for our customers is that we continue to provide the service that has made us an industry leader, without compromising on our values as a local business.

Attention to detail, with a personal touch.  That’s how we’ve always done it.  That’s how we’ll continue to do it, improving each day with a pulse on the industry, to ensure that we can continuously strive to become better in our delivery and our commitment to excellence.

The world has changed.  And as an acknowledgement of this, we have also made the necessary changes to our day-to-day operations to provide a safer customer experience, and also to streamline our digital avenues.  Business is done differently today, and we recognize that.  However, we will not compromise the way in which we provide excellent customer service with a family-business- meets- corporate-professional-approach.

We serve such industries as engineering, construction, mining, oil and gas, refining, agriculture, and manufacturing at all levels.  We can also outfit your business for all of your industrial, PPE,  and compliance needs.   

Inland Industrial Supply- Prepare. Protect.  Prevent.  Build.